Why are we doing this?

We produce boards and other products from residual materials. – Why?
Residual materials - for example, from agriculture - are unused components of the harvest. For us, these are valuable raw materials. Every year, straw accumulates in large quantities - it grows fast. A timber tree needs at least 30 years of growth before it can be used as a raw material. Therefore, we refrain from using wood in our products and thus protect the environment.

Why do we want to reduce the use of wood?
Because so much (rain) forest - and thus priceless habitat - has been ruthlessly destroyed in recent decades. The remaining forest habitats must be protected by all means.

Why do we want to protect the forest?
Because this is the only way for nature to regenerate itself. The forests need time to recover. After all, they are not machines permanently producing resources in huge quantities.

Why do we want nature to regenerate?
Because this is the only way the vital green lung of our planet and with it a global climate balance can be restored.
For decades (and even longer), humans have been sawing on the branch they are sitting on.
This cannot work.
Therefore, we want to encourage a change in thinking and offer alternative raw materials.

Why do we want to encourage a change of thinking?
Because, if things carry on as they are, we will reach the "point of no return" faster than we think. Above all, the CO2 released by massive deforestation into the atmosphere will lead to unpredictable, dramatic consequences worldwide.

In a nutshell: we are working to make sure the next generations have a future.